Choose From a Great Selection of Contemporary
and Traditional Window Styles

  • Any Size, Shape and Style
  • Great Selection of Decorative Grills
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Brick to Brick or Retrofit
  • Enlargements & Full Knockouts
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Double & Single Tilt Side Sliders
  • Double & Single Hung Tilt
  • Fixed and Picture Windows
  • Bay and Bow Windows
  • Greenhouse Windows

Vinylbilt Quality Windows

15 designer colours and an industry-leading range of glass

The Halton Window & Door Company use Vinylbilt Platinum Series windows and offer a lifetime warranty that is non pro-rated and fully transferable.

Windows come standard with LoE2 glass, argon gas, simply clean glass, s class super spacer and Truth Maxim hardware. Nesting hardware and snap in screens are standard on all Casement and Awning windows .

Vinylbilt is a fully computerized facility producing windows that have the tightest tolerances and best ratings in the entire industry. See the full line of Vinylbilt windows in the Halton Windows showroom.


Visit Vinylbilts website to learn more


The Halton Window & Door Company chose Vinylbilt for their window supply because they that stand behind their products. Leaders that offer the highest test results, certifications and the best warranties in the business. Our manufacturers have deep roots in the industry supplying quality products across Canada for decades. Vinylbilt began operations in 1971 and are located in Concord, ON. They are one of the largest window manufacturers in Canada and the first company to ever make a vinyl window in Canada


Antartik System Features
  • Designed for flush frame installation
  • Adds 1.5" depth to the frame thereby moving the thermal glass closer to the warm side of your home's wall helping to reduce condensation
  • A perfect match for replacing replacement or new construction windows
    • Replacement window openings - allows the homeowner to reuse existing window coverings i.e. shutters
    • New Construction – provides a built in insulation cavity
  • The Antartik System® can be used with all window types, exterior brickmoulds and most jamb extensions
  • All existing glass types are available with the Antartik System®

Product Specifications


"If you are looking for windows in Campbellville, look no further. Halton Windows has been the leading provider in the Milton area for over 40 years."  - Wayne Rowe

canadian climate zones

Energy Star Canada

Energy efficient windows and doors will save you money.

Halton Window's selection of high performance windows and doors offer a range of energy efficiency options from the minimum standards set by NRCAN, to the most energy efficient as recognized by Energy Star Canada. Our products are designed to provide the optimum home comfort, while keeping the elements where they belong - outside.

Vinylbilt offers a range of energy efficient glass and gas options from glass with single coating of LoE up to 3 coats.  LoE is a coating applied to the surface of the glass that reduces heat loss while maintaining room side comfort.  We will help you choose the right LoE for your specific situation – more LoE when you need more protection from the heat and cold and less when you don’t.


Product Efficiency

Energy Rating System (ER)

A window’s ER rating is a measure of windows overall performance based on several factors:

  1. Solar Heat Gain – The amount of solar radiation that enters a building as heat.
  2. Heat Flow through the frames and glass – This represents the heat flow through a window expressed in BTU’s.
  3. Energy Ratings(ER) –  windows overall energy score set by Energy Star Canada.
  4. Visible Light Transittance (VT) – The amount of visible light transmitted through a pane of glass.  The smaller the VT, the less visible light is transmitted through the product. The higher the VT, the greater the potential for day lighting to offset the need for electric lighting.
  5.  U Value -  describes how well a product prevents heat from escaping a home or building. U-value ratings generally fall between 0.2 and 1.2. The lower the U-value, the better a product is at keeping heat in. U-factor is particularly important during the winter heating season.
  6. R Value -  Represents the resistance a material has to heat flow. It measures the effectiveness of insulation in stopping heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the better resistance.
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